Baby Luisa

Baby Luisa was just ten days old when I came to visit Lauren and Margo. Their little bundle of joy was so alert when I arrived, laying on the fuzzy pink blanket just ready for her photo shoot! Newborns are unpredictable, as many of you know, so we just have to go with the flow with how they’ll be that day. Luisa was a dream. She even fell asleep when we set her down. My baby never did that! You may recognize Lauren and Margo from our recent maternity shoot where Lauren got into the lake waist deep, and I of course fell and bludgeoned my elbow. Yeah, that one. So glad I was able to come see the end result of this pregnancy! She was gorgeous, her eye contact with the camera was awesome. She was curious, sweet and calm. She was the ideal newborn baby, we all got lucky that day. I hope you enjoy these sweet moments I captured.