Kansas City

When I became a mom, I lost myself in being a mom for awhile. The first time I left her for more than an hour was when I went to The Metro for an Other Lives concert, she was almost six months old. Slowly but surely I came out of that "only a mom" stage and I started to do things for me again, I even went back to work full-time. One thing that I make sure I do for myself is travel and to be with my girlfriends (solo!). This Kansas City trip was just that. Being with my best friends and hanging out at home, ordering pizza, watching Netflix, seeing a concert, going out to eat... it was perfect. Plus, I got to see a new town, Kansas City, which I had never been to. Sarah moved there over a year ago and I hadn't had the chance to visit until this October. Arcade Fire was playing there on a Friday night, so I called her up and told her we were going. Andrea was just the icing on top of the cake because she decided she could drive down and make it. 

Sarah's house is filled with amazing thrifting finds and antiques. She and her boyfriend are incredible artists who tattoo for a living. It was so great to see their spot (and their shop)! If you're in need of a tattoo in the midwest, head to Old Souls in Kansas City, Sarah and Travis will hook you up. 

Andrea brought her pom pom making kit and we drank cafe mentes (my new favorite) and wine and laughed a lot. I didn't bring my camera to the Arcade Fire show, so I don't have any photos via my Canon but if you check out my Instagram: @feathersandnoise - you can check a few out there. I'm so grateful for my time with them there this weekend but my heart was aching to get back to my Penelope. Walking in that door after being gone, and having her run to me so excitedly, is the best feeling as a mom. I'm already planning our next adventure... stay tuned!