Maureen + Clayton // Chicago

So this post is WAYYYY overdue. I apologize. I started a new full time gig and with a baby… well, nothing goes as planned. Never the less, I am SO excited to share this post with you. I not only shot this wedding (totally pressure and care free), but was the graphic designer, the matron of honor, the speech giver and best friend extraordinaire! Maureen just wanted me to take some photos of Clayton and her before the wedding, the two of them and a couple snapshots of their family. Since the pressure was off, I just carried my camera around the whole night. My husband took some shots when I couldn’t and I gave her brother a 10 second tutorial on how to shoot (all settings set) so he could take some photos of the ceremony. It was hilarious and it was fun! After all, your photographer is with you more than your fiance/husband, she just wanted her best friend too and it just so happens I am a photographer.

The wedding took place at Prairie Productions in the West Loop in Chicago. The ceremony was in the courtyard, exposed brick, Italian patio lights and the sweetest words to each other. The event took place on a Friday in September, and it was a beautiful! A warm day with a crisp chill to the breeze, perfect for an autumn wedding!

All taken with my Mark III and a 50 1.2. No double cameras, no switching out lenses, it was quite liberating! I hope you enjoy these photos, it’s not everyday you get to attend your best friend’s wedding and shoot it at the same time.