VSCO Wedding

Laura + Anthony // Chicago

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Laura and Anthony earlier this month. It’s the last wedding I’m shooting this year before I give birth to my daughter in December. I have shot a couple weddings seven months pregnant with my first, and being that I’ve been active this whole pregnancy, I wasn’t too worried. However, being pregnant with all your gear, running around, bending down to get the right angle and being on your feet all day isn’t an easy task. I prefaced the wedding day that I may need to sit down occasionally and of course, they were completely understanding. I was taught that you do not sit down during weddings, unless you’re eating, so normally, I don’t. I felt completely un-judged by anyone when I had to rest for a minute, I guess the large belly helped that!

The day was overcast, 60 degrees and a slight drizzle in the morning, which was fine with me, I love the moodiness of these photos because of it. The rain would have been ok if it started, Laura and Anthony bought $100 of umbrellas just in case and of course, it never did. :) I met them near the lake on the Loyola campus, at the peak of the city limits. The energy was light and casual as everyone was buzzing around getting ready. Laura was getting her hair and makeup done with her girls in one flat and Anthony was having a beers with his buddies upstairs in another. 

It was soon time to head over to the Loyola Chapel for the ceremony. I had never been to this chapel before but the location was amazing. The archways in front of the lake were beautiful and the chapel was bright. This was especially helpful since they didn’t allow flash. The ceremony was lovely and there were lots of very sweet moments with the two of them. One of my favorite shots was after they exchanged the rings and kissed, they were sitting next to each other and giggling with happiness. We took some family photos in the church and then outside to get the bridal party. I had to get a few more shots of just Anthony and Laura. I’ve found that posing has been one of my biggest challenges coming into myself as a photographer. Practice has helped but also talking to fellow photographers and just feeling the energy of the couple. These two were so flexible, all I had to say was “get close” sometimes and they their unfolded in front of the lens. I had her lean against the archway and then I told Anthony, “Approach her” and their chemistry took the shot for me! 😍

We had quite a good time on the trolley too, I got to sit down for a minute and Anthony serenaded Laura to Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” everyone was beaming, especially Laura. I had suggested Montrose Beach as one of our stops for photos since it was close by and you get the lake and the iconic skyline in the back, these are some of my favorite shots of the day too. I just love the dark blue clouds on the horizon that day.

The reception was held at Ravenswood Event Center and was gorgeous. They did a perfect job putting everything together. The dinner space was rustic, the cocktail and dancing space was industrial and it all had beautiful details that all tied in together. The food was incredible and the staff was gracious. So glad I got to work with all these people that day. As the night continued there were lots of laughs and plenty of singalongs. In the last photo, where everyone is obiviously belting out a song, they’re singing “Take on Me” by A-Ha. Everyone loves a good throwback! Grateful I got to spend this day with all of these lovely people, it was such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Wedding days are so special and I’m so lucky to get a front row seat to all of these moments. Congratulations Anthony and Laura!


Kat + Colin // Chicago

I first met Kat and Colin at a restaurant in our neighborhood, sipping on cocktails, getting to know each other and going over their vision. They were so sweet and so in love, I was very happy they decided to book me for their 2017 fall wedding. The day came and it was one of the rainiest days of the year with intermittent downpours that would flood the streets. I arrived at The Aloft Hotel in River North, first meting with Colin and then separately, Kat. There was lots of laughter and a carefree attitude about the rain, they were just excited to get started. I took photos of the getting ready and like city brides do, she jumped in a cab and headed over to The Roof Crop. The first look was epic, Colin’s reaction to Kat coming off the elevator was priceless, jaw dropped, hands on face and then they both burst into tears. I love being able to witness these moments! After the ceremony Kat and Colin surprised their guests with a marching band complete with drums and brass, and Chicago flag painted tuba. We walked approximately four blocks over puddles and past honking cars. These are some of my favorite photos of the day and I just want to say that clear umbrellas are adorable and I kind of want them as a prop in my future wedding photos (noted future brides!)  

The reception was held at Low Res Studio which is an agency during the week and a rad event space by the weekend. 

CJ + Jacklyn // Apple River, IL

The big day had arrived and I was looking forward to this day. I left from Chicago and drove to Apple River, IL. It was the most beautiful fall day, absolute perfection, I stopped for a couple personal photos on the way. The GPS took me down a narrow country road surrounded atop with touching trees and ponds. It was so adorable, I couldn’t wait to get started. I arrived about an hour early, and no one was there yet so I made myself useful and walked the property to take photos and scout for some spots later on. There were so many options I almost got overwhelmed. As I was shooting the rows of tall oak trees, I noticed a little animal at the end in front of the barn. I walked to get a closer look, a little mini donkey who wasn’t afraid of me at all. I probably took too many photos of him but he was asking for it!

Jacklyn arrived and started to hang the Blackhawk jerseys on the clothes line. Embroidered on the back was “Marry Me,” the jersey CJ gave to her in Nashville where he proposed before the Blackhawks game there. The bridesmaids arrived shortly after and then the guys. The ladies were all getting ready in the lofted barn and then we decided to do the first look on the dock of the pond, because where else would we do it!? CJ’s breath was taken away when he saw her. First look moments are so intimate between a bride and a groom, I feel so lucky to witness those emotional moments between those two people. 

We met up with the rest of the bridal party and then we got ready for the ceremony. They decided to do that ceremony beneath the big oak trees where I found my soulmate donkey. I loved the italian patio lights they had strung up between them and the dry pines that lined the ground with oranges and ambers. The ceremony was short and sweet with many laughs and after the deed was done, the owner of Oak Hill Weddings picked them up in the Model A car they have and I jumped in the front seat. We took off for a short drive and then I got a few snaps of them dancing in the middle of the road and then driving up back to the reception. The food was incredible, (thank you Fried Green Tomatoes), the guests were lovely and the music great (Thank you Folk Yeah!). They sipped on wine and cocktails, feasted on crab legs and steak and danced all night to a fantastic band. It was hands down one of my favorite weddings. 


Emily + Evan // Chicago

Emily found me through Yelp (awesome!) and decided to reach out. She was only looking for a small wedding package so we went with an elopement, which includes three hours of photography. She just wanted a little bit of coverage to cover the big parts of the day and I have to be honest, it really worked. There are no photos of speeches or dancing but what she wanted was the memory of her ceremony and photos of her and Evan, and with their families.

They met at The University of Chicago so that’s where we first started, in the Quad. We even stopped for a kiss on the bridge where the myth is, that if you kiss there, you’re destined for each other. We already knew that so we had them kiss anyway. Then we headed to the ceremony destination, also in Hyde Park, Promontory Point. I have been there a few times for other shoots, I just love being next to Lake Michigan. The waves were so big that day, they were crashing into the rocks so I suggested they go down by them and I’ll get a long shot from far away with my telephoto. I took a few dozen photos of them quietly from afar. The waves were a great backdrop of sound that allowed for them to be alone for ten minutes before their ceremony which later, Emily told me was her favorite. both of their families were so excited to be there and for them. I was excited to get them these photos before they took off on their honeymoon to Peru. Enjoy!


Michael + Heidi // Dubuque

Finally getting around to post this gorgeous couple and their stunning wedding back near  her hometown in Iowa. Heidi and Michael live in Seattle and wanted to have their wedding close to home. I only met them when I showed up to take the photos that day! I drove in from Chicago the night before and had such lovely time meeting them and photographing their big day. It’s hard to pick just a few, so if I went overboard in picking them, I apologize! Enjoy!



Maureen + Clayton // Chicago

So this post is WAYYYY overdue. I apologize. I started a new full time gig and with a baby… well, nothing goes as planned. Never the less, I am SO excited to share this post with you. I not only shot this wedding (totally pressure and care free), but was the graphic designer, the matron of honor, the speech giver and best friend extraordinaire! Maureen just wanted me to take some photos of Clayton and her before the wedding, the two of them and a couple snapshots of their family. Since the pressure was off, I just carried my camera around the whole night. My husband took some shots when I couldn’t and I gave her brother a 10 second tutorial on how to shoot (all settings set) so he could take some photos of the ceremony. It was hilarious and it was fun! After all, your photographer is with you more than your fiance/husband, she just wanted her best friend too and it just so happens I am a photographer.

The wedding took place at Prairie Productions in the West Loop in Chicago. The ceremony was in the courtyard, exposed brick, Italian patio lights and the sweetest words to each other. The event took place on a Friday in September, and it was a beautiful! A warm day with a crisp chill to the breeze, perfect for an autumn wedding!

All taken with my Mark III and a 50 1.2. No double cameras, no switching out lenses, it was quite liberating! I hope you enjoy these photos, it’s not everyday you get to attend your best friend’s wedding and shoot it at the same time.


Nicole + Andrew // Chicago

I had the pleasure of shooting Andrew and Nicole’s engagement photos last winter and come October, 2014, they’re hitched! The day started off rainy and cold and then it stopped and opened up just for us (at least I like to think so).  Nicole and Andrew made my job easy, their chemistry cannot be denied, I think it really shows through these photos. The love and admiration for one another is really special. Please enjoy!


Amy + Chris // Sycamore

Capturing Amy and Chris on their beautiful fall day was truly rewarding. My job really has its perks when I get to see  the vulnerable sides of people, brought out by the one they love and are marrying that day. It’s so special. The way these two looked at each other was quite magical and made for a great wedding day.

The site for the ceremony and reception was in Sycamore, IL, about 60 miles west of Chicago. The day was warm in the sun and had lovely crisp fall air. They opted out of seeing each other before the ceremony, Chris was really wanting to wait to see his beautiful bride until she walked down the aisle. This is very sweet and traditional which I think is so romantic. The day progressed and the reception was held at Blumen Gardens, a garden and landscaping business with a stunning outdoor garden and event space. It was rustic and beautiful–a great space to capture the newly wed Clabots. I hope you enjoy these special moments!