chicago hyde park

Wroblewski Family // Promontory Point Chicago

It wasn't too long ago that I had shot Brody's newborn photos, but now a year later, here we are celebrating his walking and big boy smile. I'm always amazed at kids who are just so good and smiley, he was it! It's like he's taken modeling classes before?! Promontory Point is one of my favorite places to shoot in the city, you get the green and the blue from the lake with the faded Chicago skyline in the back. Hope you love these photos with one of the best families! Happy Birthday Brody!

Emily + Evan // Chicago

Emily found me through Yelp (awesome!) and decided to reach out. She was only looking for a small wedding package so we went with an elopement, which includes three hours of photography. She just wanted a little bit of coverage to cover the big parts of the day and I have to be honest, it really worked. There are no photos of speeches or dancing but what she wanted was the memory of her ceremony and photos of her and Evan, and with their families.

They met at The University of Chicago so that’s where we first started, in the Quad. We even stopped for a kiss on the bridge where the myth is, that if you kiss there, you’re destined for each other. We already knew that so we had them kiss anyway. Then we headed to the ceremony destination, also in Hyde Park, Promontory Point. I have been there a few times for other shoots, I just love being next to Lake Michigan. The waves were so big that day, they were crashing into the rocks so I suggested they go down by them and I’ll get a long shot from far away with my telephoto. I took a few dozen photos of them quietly from afar. The waves were a great backdrop of sound that allowed for them to be alone for ten minutes before their ceremony which later, Emily told me was her favorite. both of their families were so excited to be there and for them. I was excited to get them these photos before they took off on their honeymoon to Peru. Enjoy!